End to Diabetes Program

The Godby Reversing Diabetes Program:

The first appointment will seek to find and treat the cause(s) of your diabetes and diabetes-related conditions. A full health, medical and family history will be taken, as well as ordering a complete and thorough set of laboratory tests, to determine what natural medicine strategies would treat the cause that is discovered through your first appointment and lab tests. The program will teach you…

  • What diet (nutritional plan) and specific foods will help you to normalize your after-meal blood sugars, and fasting glucose and insulin, which will significantly reduce your chances of complications, such as: abdominal fat gain, kidney disease and need for dialysis, blindness, amputation, cardiovascular disease, poor circulation, nerve damage, etc.


  • What foods to avoid to overcome diabetes and prevent other chronic disease like high blood pressure, cancer, etc.
  • What exercises will most benefit your blood sugar and overall health.
  • How to: lose abdominal fat safely and surely, balance hormones and what foods to eat and avoid.
  • What nutritional supplements will help you normalize your blood sugar so that you don’t have to resort to pharmaceutical drugs and their inevitable side effects.
  • How you can avoid falling into the trap of conventional medicine’s unhealthy reference ranges.
  • A-Z guide of what you can do to reverse diabetes.
  • How to maximize blood sugar monitoring to drop your hemoglobin A1C and prevent spikes in blood sugar.
  • How to dramatically reduce your chances of Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • How to lower stress which affects blood sugar, and what you can do about it.
  • How to avoid a life of taking pharmaceutical drugs, with their inevitable side effects, and/or the hassle, expense and pain associated with injecting insulin if type 2 diabetic.
  • Feel more control over your life, and not allowing a disease to be in control of your life.
  • End diabetes in your generation and inspire your loved ones and others to overcome this silent assassin.
  • Enjoy a more natural life.
  • Enjoy the vitality that comes from eating healthy food, exercising, and sleeping well.
  • Avoid future pain of finger sticks and constant diabetes testing.