The following are the products that I count on in my medical practice to help patients to overcome insulin resistance, diabetes, and abdominal weight gain. I depend heavily on these professional supplements and are of the highest quality and efficacy available.

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Alamax (Xymogen)- $52.79

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Cinnamon Bark (Professional Solutions) – $26.00

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Cinndrome X 120 caps (Xymogen) – $44.21

[wp_cart:Cinndrome X 120 caps (Xymogen):price:44.21:shipping:5.00:end]

Diabetes Defense 30 caps (Enerex) – $30.00

[wp_cart:Diabetes Defense 30 caps (Enerex):price:30.00:shipping:5.00:end]

Diabetes Defense 60 caps (Enerex) – $50.00

[wp_cart:Diabetes Defense 60 caps (Enerex):price:50.00:shipping:5.00:end]

Diabetetone Plus 90 caps (Biogenesis) – $49.00

[wp_cart:Diabetetone Plus 90 caps (Biogenesis):price:49.00:shipping:5.00:end]

Glycemic Manager 60 tabs (Integrated Therapeutics) – $25.50

[wp_cart:Glycemic Manager 60 tabs (Integrated Therapeutics):price:25.50:shipping:5.00:end]

Ketsumeisei (World Nutrition) – $115.00

[wp_cart:Ketsumeisei (World Nutrition):price:115.00:shipping:5.00:end]


MetaGlycemix – 120 – $79.95

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MetaGlycemix – 60 – $45.99

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Insinase – 90 – $64.25

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End-to-Diabetes-Cover-200End to Diabetes – $29.95
The Practical Guide to Overcoming Diabetes Naturally, Dr. Dennis Godby, ND – ebook

Learn the ABCs of overcoming diabetes naturally from America’s Premier Diabetes Naturopathic Doctor and re-gain your vitality, zest for life and significantly improve your overall health and well-being. Feel more energetic than you have in years so that you can get rid of the drugs and their known side effects.


50 Super Foods (Value $19.95)
These 50 fantastic super foods have been chosen for their comprehensive nutritional abundance and special characteristics to help you supercharge your day, and to give you the nutrition necessary for obtaining optimal energy and preventing disease.

Super Bonus 2. Free 12 month Subscription to the Members Only Email List (Value $48.00)
You will automatically be subscribed to the Members Only E-mail List. You will receive an exclusive e-mail newsletter filled with cutting-edge, practical strategies that you will be able to implement that day to improve your health and blood sugar, which also includes a perspective on health “news.” These emails will further educate, motivate and assist you along the path to beating your diabetes.

Super Bonus 3. 50 “Foods” to Avoid Like the Plague (Value $19.95)
What passes as food in North America is nothing short of amazing. This special bonus will highlight what “foods” in North America to stay away from if you want your health to prosper.

Super Bonus 4. Dr. Godby’s Special Report on Food Allergies and other Important Health Topics (Value $9.95)

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