I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes about 22 years ago and more than likely had it for some time prior to that. For the first 16 years after my diagnosis I did not see a Naturopathic Doctor. Then about 6 years ago I began to feel really weak and fatigued. I believe now that I suffered from the symptoms of a silent heart attack. Subsequent testing showed that at some point I had. This is when I started to go to Dr. Godby. When I entered his office as a new patient, my hemoglobin A1C was extremely elevated at over 12. In addition to taking the time to consult with me in detail about my condition, he took blood and other tests and worked with me to make some critical life style changes. He also prescribed several supplements to address specific imbalances in my body chemistry. My condition began to improve and within a year I began to feel much better. I still have to be very diligent in taking care of myselfand I learn something new all the time, but my diabetes is under much better control. My blood glucose levels are at prediabetic levels (under 6.0 A1C), and I am taking a very small dose of a single diabetic medication, where before I was on three medications, two of which have been shown to have potentially serious side effects. I have surely benefitted from Dr. Godby’s advice. It is important to understand that you are the most important member of your health care team. You must assume responsibility for your own health. I would recommend you find a medical doctor who respects natural medicine, and that everyone consider adding a Naturopathic doctor to their health care team. 
Rick Nutt, Orangevale (2014)


I have been receiving care from Dr. Godby since June, 2012. He is responsible for a revolutionary change in my approach to my health care and a positive change in my health. After being on synthroid and another pharmaceutical medication for 23 years, I was suffering from multiple serious conditions that caused debilitating symptoms – IBS, anemia, low vitamin b12, and other conditions. I had severe fatigue in the morning and afternoons, and would often feel like I was going to pass out after exercise. Dr. Godby ordered comprehensive lab testing and determined that my current thyroid medication was not treating my hypothyroidism, and that most of my health complaints were due to inadequately treated hypothyroidism. He recommended that I use natural dessicated thyroid, digestive enzymes and other supplements, and I began feeling better almost immediately after beginning this course of treatment.

Over the next year he helped me to treat my adrenal insufficiency as well, and I finally began feeling better than I had in several years! As a result of his guidance my IBS is almost completely resolved as is my fatigue and other symptoms. He has also guided me regarding the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which has contributed to my improved health and well-being. He is now treating me for diabetes, and was the doctor that insisted that I get further testing for autoimmune diabetes. Because of Dr. Godby, I am now getting the care I need, and I am doing extremely well with my diabetes.

Dr. Godby is a compassionate and very competent health care provider, and I highly recommend his services. His staff is professional and responsive. Dr. Godby and his staff always respond to my emails within 24 hours, and they are consistently courteous and helpful. His services, lab testing and supplements are also affordable. Most importantly, he has treated me as an equal partner in directing my healthcare treatment. I never feel like he does not respect my intelligence and innate knowledge of what is best for my body.

I am very grateful for Dr. Godby’s guidance and assistance and highly recommend his services.
Erin Radekin, Attorney-At-Law, Sacramento, (2014)

“On Monday I reached a goal of losing 50 lbs!! After round one of Hc3 and losing 41 pounds, I have been on the second round for 14 days now and have lost 11 lbs!! I was on the Reset for 15 days and gained only 1 lb. I feel great and I don’t look to shabby either. My blood pressure is 118 over 80 with no meds!! I put my c-pap machine (breathing machine) away over a month ago and am not planning on ever getting it out again (my wife really wants to thank you for that )

I went from size 40 waist jeans to 34’s and I just bought 33’s because I have got 20 more lbs to lose and I will bet that 32’s are coming! My goal is to weigh 199 lbs. which would be a total of 70lbs lost!! This has been a life changing experience for me.

Thank you so much for all the support from your staff and the caring heart that you have for your clients. I will be in after the first of the year for a body impedance analysis; I can hardly wait to see my results! Please pass this on to everyone in your office, my family appreciate them all so much!” — Jon Wildberger, Rocklin (2010)

“When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my primary care physician painted a pretty grim picture of what life as a diabetic would entail. As she put it, I would suffer from heart disease, blindness, amputations, and an untimely death. I thought to myself “With an attitude like that, you might as well sign my death certificate now.” Her response when I tried to broach the subject of having a positive outlook and investigating alternative treatments was “Here’s a pill.”

Determined to chart a different course for myself, I set out on a mission to find the doctor that was right for me; one that shared my philosophy, beliefs and goals for my health and my personal, spiritual and emotional well-being. That doctor turned out to be Dr. Dennis Godby of the Diabetes Natural Path Center. Dr. Dennis Godby’s attitude was refreshing to say the least. He believed in treating the whole person, not just what ailed them. Yes, he viewed Diabetes as a progressive disease, but not a disease that had to progress. This spoke volumes to me!

Being an intuitive person by nature, I found Dr. Dennis Godby to be both genuine and sincere. He took a special interest in my health and worked tirelessly to discover the root causes of many of the seemingly unrelated symptoms I was experiencing.

Our first meeting, unlike traditional appointments, lasted more than 2 hours. Dr. Dennis Godby took a detailed family history and medical background, asked a variety of in-depth questions designed to not only understand the symptoms I was experiencing, but to make connections between these symptoms and familial patterns. Dr. Dennis Godby took copious notes; an observation not lost on this teacher, clarified information, and repeatedly asked for my opinion and insight. Finally, he summarized what he had learned, read it back to me, and then proceeded to design a course of action and treatment tailored to my conditions and goals.

Although the primary focus of my visits was for the treatment and management of my diabetes, Dr. Dennis Godby accurately diagnosed other underlying conditions that had been left untreated. For years, I had been trying, to no avail, to alert my primary care physician to the other puzzling and often debilitating symptoms I was experiencing. These doctors would half-heartedly listen, nod their heads and then comment “Your numbers look fine”. They would disregard family history and then would remark “You’re too young.” All the while, I was suffering! This one-size fits all approach to patient care does not work. Unlike most doctors who practice conventional medicine, Dr. Godby saw me as a unique individual, with symptoms unique to me and my family history. His belief that what may work for one person may not work for another, has saved me countless time, agony, and money.

Together, Dr. Dennis Godby and I have combined some of the more traditional medical practices with alternative and naturopathic forms of treatment. We have created a balanced approach to my care; one that focuses on me, the individual and not the pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Dennis Godby continues to work to this day to manage my Diabetes and correct the other conditions that have been brought to light. He has been my “hope” and has supported my own efforts to take control of my Diabetes, manage stress, and lead a fulfilling and productive life! I am a stronger person for having known him and have become my own advocate. I highly recommend Dr. Dennis Godby, ND!” — Maureen Johnson, Sacramento (2008)

“People sometimes wonder if naturopathic doctors are “real” doctors. This testimonial is to let you decide!

After carefully controlling my blood sugar over a period of several months, my numbers began to fluctuate wildly and were no longer under control. I was very worried. It was Dr. Godby who suggested that I have a certain blood test to see if I was actually a Type 1 diabetic, instead of a Type 2 diabetic as originally diagnosed by my primary care doctor. This blood test had never been performed by my primary care doctor to see if I was, in fact, a Type 2 diabetic. Sure enough, the test that Dr. Godby performed confirmed that I was a Type 1 diabetic and needed to take insulin.

After beginning an insulin regime, I am doing great now! My blood sugar levels are well under control. I often wonder, though, what kind of shape I would be in today if I had never been Dr. Godby’s patient. How much damage would have been done, how many complications would I have experienced, and how much worry would I have struggled through before somebody in conventional medicine finally figured out that something was wrong and ordered this inexpensive test ?” — Maureen Johnson, Sacramento (2008)

“I am pleased to report a significant improvement in my fructosamine level. Three weeks ago it was at 354. Yesterday it was at 320! I realize that I must improve further, but I am thrilled by my progress in such a short period of time.

I greatly enjoyed reading your book. It’s amazing how much information you were able to provide. I’m sure that everyone who reads this book will be very positively impacted by your genuine concern, your tireless dedication and most of all, your words of hope and inspiration. Good job, Dr. Godby. Following the guidelines in your diabetes book, the difference in my blood sugar has been amazing. I am now walking after meals. I also started taking PGX and chromium. I am also keeping a journal and testing my blood glucose much more frequently.

I thank you so much for sharing your expertise in diabetes management. I guess I thought that after decades of having Type I diabetes, that there was very little I could learn in this area – perhaps I had just given up. I’m glad you decided that I should put my emphasis on the natural diabetes diet. It has made a huge difference. By the way, my latest fructosamine is now at 295.” — Gloria Carboni, Davis (2007)

“I originally came to see Dr Godby for a variety of reasons, one of which was problems with bloating and tremendous intestinal discomfort. I had a very simple food allergy test in his office and the results came back quickly – letting us know that I had allergies to all dairy products. I have since cut milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs out of my diet and I am feeling 100% better! I’ve never been a person who is easily convinced that food affects how I feel to a great extent… I now know that I’ve been terribly wrong, and being wrong severely affected my health and quality of life!

Since making a simple dietary change that excludes dairy products, I’ve lost 16 pounds since the end of May without much effort! I’ve begun a walking regime recently and am watching the pounds melt away. I now simply substitute dairy products for a little soy milk or yogurt and with the numerous vegan alternatives available in almost every grocery store, I can easily get the nutrients I need without the pain and bloating of eating foods that are making me sick. This isn’t reworking every aspect of my life… these are simple, very easy, very small changes.

My health and well-being is up to me. Dr Godby is a wonderful, supporting naturopathic guide on this journey – but ultimately my health is in my hands. If I choose not to make the changes he suggest, and the ones that I find work, then what I AM choosing is an unhealthy relationship with myself. That is no longer what I want. The old saying that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything is absolutely true. I choose health and life!”

I feel healthier in a month since seeing you than I have in the last two years… so thank you, thank you, thank you! I meant what I said in the office; it is So, so nice to have a doctor that is eager to help – even outside of appointment times. People keep asking me what I am doing and when I tell them all I’ve done is change my diet; they just say, ‘WOW!’ I am feeling great!” — Clare Powell, Elk Grove (2007)

I started seeing Dr.Godby about a year ago. When I first came in to see him at the clinic, I was losing my eyesight, had severe kidney issues, was a diabetic with high blood sugars, had high blood pressure, and possibly the worst of it all, my heart was failing as I had congestive heart failure. Before I came to see Dr. Godby, my MD told me that 30% of my heart was damaged permanently. I am happy to now report that after being put on a nutritional supplement regime by Dr. Godby – according to my cardiologist, after an echocardiogram – my heart is “healed and normal.”

Dr Godby has a caring manner, with lot of integrity, and he is knowledgeable about conventional and natural medicines. I am so astonished that my heart is healthy and my Hemoglobin A1C for diabetes, is well within the normal range.
Judith Wright, Sacramento, CA (2007)

When I came to see Dr. Godby in August of this year for diabetes, I had a Hemoglobin A1C of 8.4, and I was even scared to say the word “diabetes.” That A1C meant I was a good 90 points of blood sugar higher than a person without diabetes, every minute of the day, for the last few months. I was very nervous. But because Dr. Godby, NMD,is a diabetes specialist, he knew exactly what to do. So he had me do a few labs to determine exactly why I had diabetes, he helped me change my diet, I took some targeted nutritionals, and Dr. Godby helped me to change my lifestyle. I just got back my most recent A1C, November, and it was an amazing5.8, which meant it was only 0.1 from “normal” A1C.

Drugs have side effects, and I didn’t want any part of that. I am ecstatic, as I feel that within a short period of time, diabetes will be a thing of the past. I will continue with my present lifestyle to continue preventing, but without the fear of diabetes and complications! — C.N, Wilton, CA (2006)

Thank you so much! You have proved invaluable and irreplaceable to our young 6-year-old daughter’s healing process with type 1 diabetes. Helping our daughter to lower her hemoglobin A1C, tremendously,from 10.7 in December, 2005, to 5.5 this month of July, in just 6 months, has been remarkable. Thank you for your commitment our daughter. We couldn’t be any more pleased. Keep doing what you are doing! — Paul Benassini, Sacramento, CA (2006)

Recently, I participated in a new coaching program for helping patients with diabetes…on the telephone. Dr. Dennis Godby is my coach. Dr. Godby has been able to talk to me in a way that has made me feel very comfortable and important. From the beginning he made it clear that he wanted to help me get my blood sugars on track and to keep them at the correct levels. During our talks, Dr. Godby has been able to provide valuable information on diet and nutrition as well as instructing me in what to look for on labels to ensure I buy the most nutritious foods. Most of all, Dr. Godby cares about my feelings as well as my physical health. It is very important to him what my mental state is and if I am able to cope with different problems in my life. He is always ready to go that extra mile to ensure my physical and mental health is on the right track. He is capable of turning negatives into positives in every instance and encourages me to continue moving forward. I value the time we spend talking and have actually made life-altering changes because of our conversations. Overall, Dr. Godby is apart from many physicians in that he takes time with patients to listen and understand them. He is dedicated in every way and has the ability and knowledge to assist patients in all aspects. — Ramona V, Modesto, CA (2005)

Dr. Godby has educated himself in the management of diabetes. He has become an expert in this area of naturopathic medicine…I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Dennis Godby, ND. — Dr. Susan Roberts, N.D., Portland, OR (2005)

As a result of Dr. Godby being my diabetes coach, I’ve reached stretch challenges that have improved both my mental attitude and physical health. From the beginning, he was sensitive when necessary, empathetic if required, but tenacious in directing me from thinking to doing. With his help, I’ve reprogrammed my lifestyle in a way that is healthier. By the completion of our weekly sessions, I was actually looking forward to the next dialogue with him. We are now interacting monthly, but I adhere weekly to suggestions and recommendations offered by him during our weekly sessions. You should be so lucky to have a “coach” who really cares. — Dorothy S, Chair-HRM Programs (2005)